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Discover the Beauty of Beautx

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E' un software che ti aiuta a far crescere il business!

Simple & intuitive appointment book and calendar

It’s time for a modern and technologically advanced online calendar! Manage your duties and responsibilities  in the salon efficiently  and increase productivity.

  • Schedule and edit appointments easily.

  • Drag and drop rescheduling

  • Six types of calendar view

  • download client details

Hair Stylist
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Detailed customer records and appointment history

With BeautX you’ll find all the information needed to provide premium customer service. It’s time to impress your visitors!


  • Personalised client records

  • Complete history of appointments and purchases

  • Digital privacy acceptance

  • Unlimited client storage in the system

Free App for your clients


have made booking even simpler made specifically for your clients. No more missed calls or rushing to the phone. the App is easy to use and fast.

  • Individual personalisation for each client

  • Book directly on the app with very few clicks

  • choose your favorite treatments

  • view your upcoming appointments and history

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Fidelity & loyalty card

marketing Automation


Statistics & reports made easy

You get a full overview of the salon’s financial situation. Its easy to understand and you can Keep all numbers under control, anytime anywhere!


  • Detailed financial report

  • Real-time cash reports

  • Appointment statistics and popularity of services

  • frequent clients

  • Most Sold Products

  • Employee statistics

  • Track statistics of treatments or products in specific time frames

  • Save and print you stats.

Automatic inventory control &

sales management

No more running out of inventory! with Beautx you are able to control every detail.

  • Automatic alerts when stock is running low

  • Control what stock is available

  • Track sales of all products sold


We are all about the details...

Want to know more? You will find the most advanced and easy to use  tools in BeautX.

Gamification and goals to increase your business

Beautx will help you feel more productive and ensure you never loose sight of your goals. The software gives you goals, and reminders that incentives you to perform better.

Customised communication with your customers

you can set your personal messages to your clients, not the usual standard message and you decide which clients to send them to.

Maximum customisation combined with simplicity

With BeautX the software is highly customisable according

to your needs.

Social Media

Facebook & Instagram can help you gain and attract new clients. BeautX will ensure your profile gets filled with positive reviews.

Gift Cards

Retain attention of your clients by offering gift cards. BeautX will track your vouchers and sales whenever someone uses it.

Artificial Intellegence

An intelligent salon assistant, able to promptly notify customers

who have not yet booked.

(+ 10% more bookings)

Online Booking

BeautX gives you the option to enable online book via your website or Facebook.

Point of Sale

BeautX will help you handle payments, settle all types of transactions and generate cash reports

Inventory Control

BeautX will do all the work for you- it will check stock status, sales and product consumption.


No more Mistakes! our system will automatically verify the availability of equipment and rooms.

Fiscal Reciept Printer

With our Automatic Printer, issuing tax receipts is a matter of a moment!

Marketing Tools

BeautX has various marketing tools designed to increase the

turnover of your center.


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